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Fort Sill National Bank (otherwise known as FSNB) was founded in 1946 in Fort Still. FSNB initially only maintained a few select branches in Oklahoma, but has since expanded to serving civilian and military customers throughout the states of California, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana.

The Fort Sill National Bank routing number allows FSNB account holders to perform domestic wire transfers, as well as other forms of electronic transfers/payments (ACH transfers, direct deposit, etc.). An overview of the FSNB wire transfer process, along with various service details (fees, etc.) can be viewed below under the ‘How to Wire Funds’ section. FSNB account holders should get in touch with a member services representative, or visit a branch location for more detailed information regarding FSNB’s wire transfer protocols.

Routing Number

  • 103112675


  • Not directly connected to the SWIFT network – and does not provide outgoing international transfer services.

Routing Number On Check

Locate your FSNB Bank routing number on one of your personal/business checks. ABA routing numbers will always be located in the bottom-left corner of a bank’s check, located directly to the left of the account number. A sample FSNB check can be seen below, with the location of the routing number outlined in black.


How to Wire Funds

For an incoming domestic wire transfer the following information is needed:

  • Name of bank (Fort Sill National Bank)
  • Bank routing number (103112675)
  • Recipient’s name
  • Recipient’s account number

An outgoing wire transfer requires the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Your FSNB account number or SSN
  • Amount to wire
  • Recipient’s name (as it appears on their bank account)
  • Name of receiving bank
  • Address of receiving bank
  • Receiving bank’s ABA routing number
  • Your contact information (telephone number – all wire requests will receive a callback from the Wires Department)

Note: You can initiate an outgoing wire transfer either in-person at a branch location, or online via FSNB Online Banking. Your signature may be required via a fax request. The fax number of FSNB’s wire department is (1-580-355-0641).

Wire Transfer Fees:

  • Incoming wire ($5.00)
  • Outgoing wire ($20.00)
  • Incoming wire (non-customer) – ($25.00)
  • Outgoing wire (non-customer) – ($25.00)

Note: Wire transfers will take one to three business days to deposit into receiving account.