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Capital City Bank Online Banking

Capital City Bank (CCBG) is a commercial banking group headquartered out of Tallahassee, Florida. Capital City provides a wide variety of banking services, and maintains over 70 branch locations spanning throughout the states of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

Capital City Bank provides multiple online financial services to all customer accounts. The majority of these services are detailed on the Online Banking Webpage which includes 24/7 account access, real-time transactions, running account balance information, customized alerts, e-statements, view check images, and many other features.

How to Login

Members of Capital City Bank who already have an online membership can access their account by going to the homepage, and entering their Login ID into the form labelled ‘Online Banking’ (located on the left side of the homepage – as outlined in the screenshot below).

Homepage login screenshot

Homepage login screenshot

Mobile Login

Members of Capital City Bank who wish to sign in to their online account via a mobile device can do so by visiting the bank’s mobile website (which can be accessed by visiting the same URL as the main homepage, users will automatically be transferred to the mobile site). Once on the mobile website, users can login to their accounts clicking on the ‘Online Banking Login’ link (as outlined in the image below, to the right). Alternatively, users can also use one of Capital City Bank’s mobile applications (all of which are linked to below).

Mobile Apps

Capital City provides mobile apps for users with both iOS and android-powered devices.  These apps can be downloaded via the following links:






capital-city-bank-mobile-application-screenshot-4 capital-city-bank-mobile-application-screenshot-5 capital-city-bank-mobile-application-screenshot-1
capital-city-bank-mobile-application-screenshot-2 capital-city-bank-mobile-application-screenshot-3

How to Enroll

Step 1 – Go to This WebPage and scroll down to the Sign Up Now button.


Step 2 – Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the I Agree button.



Step 3 – Verify your information by entering the last 4 digits of your social security number (SSN), month and day of birth, middle 6 digits or loan number, last deposit or loan payment amount, and the last 4 digits of your check card or driver’s license.

capital-city-bank-online-banking-enroll-verification-information After completing the above form the individual will be able to create their username and password and login to their account.